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5 Penis Enlargement MISTAKES

penis enlargement mistakes

You want to get bigger, right? You want to keep your penis enlargement results? How about not having to worry about side-effects? What about avoiding spending an arm and a leg? Did you answer YES four times? Then continue reading to see how you can make this all possible…

It all starts by avoiding 5 common and very SERIOUS mistakes…

Taking More Than The Recommended Amount Of Pills: If you’re like me, then you are very impatient. I don’t like waiting for anything. If I could get a product at a store versus having it delivered, you best believe I’m off to the store (even in a freaking snow storm)! However, when it comes to penis enlargement, being impatient is a surefire way to the EMERGENCY ROOM!

One way to be impatient is to take a larger amount of enhancement pills with the mindset that doing so will speed up the process. The theory sounds like it would work, but that is further from the truth…

Overdosing on enlargement pills will cause a myriad of complications… and it will NOT help you get bigger faster. As a matter of fact, pills don’t actually increase your penis size anyway (SHOCKER!). All pills do is increase blood circulation, and to get a bigger manhood, it’s going to take more than just an increase of blood flow to maximize gains.

Leaving Tools On For Extended Periods: Another common logic guys have is if they use tools for penis enlargement, to leave them on for longer than the recommended time frame. Not only are tools highly ineffective and dangerous by themselves, leaving them on for extended time frames is a GUARANTEED way to end up with some serious complications.

penis enlargement mistake

Undergoing Surgery And Not Following Through With Recovery: Despite the ASTRONOMICAL price tag, surgery can increase your size. Not substantially (you only grow maybe an extra inch) or natural looking, but it does work. However, one of the biggest caveats with undergoing surgery is that you have to follow procedures for recovery and you have to refrain from sexual activities (including masturbation) for some time.

The problem is that most men avoid recovery procedures… and pay the price (figuratively and literally)!

Bottom line, I strongly don’t recommend going in for surgery to begin with. However, if you do so, it is imperative that you follow through with recovery if you want to avoid major complications.

Attaching Dangerous Tools On Your Manhood: There are just some tools that should not even be considered for growing a bigger penis. Besides, tools in general are not effective, as mentioned above.

However, there are a couple that I recommend you don’t even experiment with. Those would be clamping devices and hanging weights.

Both tools have been around for quite some time, and with that, most men assume that they work…

Not only are they ineffective for REAL penis enlargement, they can cause some PERMANENT issues with your penis. These issues can be as serious as permanent disfigurement!

penis enlargement mistake

Attempting Growth Using Some Type Of Homemade Contraption: There have been stories of guys who didn’t want to spend money on tools and instead attempted to make their own contraptions at home. Not only was it bad to opt for ineffective tools to begin with, they took it a step further in a downward spiral to actually attempting to create their own tools…

What’s the outcome? Side-effects GALORE!

What Works For Safe And Fast Male Enhancement GUARANTEED…

The words safe, fast, and guaranteed are very strong words. For male enhancement to have those words applied to it, it needs to be proven across many facets (medical, scientific, and case studies with men from all walks of life).

Does something like this exist?

Yes, it does. It’s just unfortunate that most men are not aware of it, or they don’t opt for it because it doesn’t look as “sexy” as those other heavily advertised unnatural methods.

penis enlargement mistakes

The method I’m referring to is natural enhancement that requires nothing but your hands and six minutes out of your day to maximize EVERY aspect of your manhood.

This method is guaranteed effective medically, scientifically, and with case studies. Also, this method is the safest, quickest, and costs the least…

Makes you scratch your head wondering why men still fall for those gimmicks out there?

Bottom line, as you can see from everything above, it pays off greatly to just avoid the foolishness and stick with natural growth. You get bigger, you do it safely, you keep your results, and you don’t have to max out credit cards or take out a freaking loan to pay for it… or pay for medical bills to fix complications!

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