9 DIY Beauty Hacks You Must Know

9 DIY Beauty Hacks You Must Know!

Every woman wants to look beautiful and the beauty industry is a billion dollar business and women spend a huge amount of money on various beauty products. But you don’t actually need to spend lots of money on expensive beauty products full of harmful chemicals. If you take the time to learn some really basic DIY beauty hacks then you can have a youthful and beautiful appearance by using cheap, natural and healthy ingredients. In this list you will learn 9 DIY beauty hacks that work and doesn’t cost you practically anything.

1.Potato slices to eliminate dark circles under your eyes

This beauty hack is very simple and you might have used it before. Fatigue often causes dark circles to appear around your eyes and you can get rid of these circles by putting thinly cut potatoes slices on top of your eyes for around 10 minutes. This will make the skin around your eyes lighter and if it is done on a regular basis then the effect is even better. So whenever you have an important presentation or job interview coming up then make sure you use this beauty hack to look alert and awake.

2. Mineral water, sauna and green tea for beautiful and healthy skin

Swedish women use many beauty hacks that women from every country should know. Petra Strand, a Swedish make-up artists, recommends green tea. If you have some green tea bags then put some in the ice cube tray to freeze and then use the ice cubes to replace your toner. If you don’t want to put ice cold cubes on your skin then you can simply use the green tea leaves after you have finished drinking your morning green tea.

Sauna treatments are also recommended because they help to purge the body of nasty toxins, which is why saunas are very popular in Sweden. If saunas are not your thing then you can use eucalyptus essential oil with olive oil and rock salt on your skin. Rub the ingredients on your skin then rinse them off and this will eliminate the toxins from the skin.

Mineral water is also often used in Scandinavia for smooth skin. You will get the best effect if you splash icy mineral water on your skin. this will also help to reduce the puffiness under the eyes.

3. Olive oil and vitamin A for stronger nails

If you are having trouble with your brittle nails then you can try this beauty hack from Romania that uses Vitamin A oil and olive oil. You simply soak your nails in warm vitamin A and olive oil mix and it only takes a few drops of oil. Do this a few minutes after every couple of weeks. This oil mix will nourish the cuticle beds which will in turn make your nails stronger. If you have done a few of these procedures then you should make the nails less prone to breaking. Give it a try and see what results you get.

4. Rice water as a facial rinse.

China is well-known for its rice and not only is it the cornerstone of Chinese diet but rice is also used as a beauty hack. Chinese women often use rice water to rinse their face because rice is rich in antioxidants that nourish your skin and fight free radicals that cause aging. The simple method is to take some rice and soak it in water for around 20-30 minutes. After this you just strain out the rice and mop the water on your face with a washcloth. This should be done weekly to have a lasting effect.

5. Camellia oil for stretch marks

If you have stretch marks and are looking for a natural way to get rid of them then try this method. Women in China rub camellia oil onto their stretch marks 2 times a day, during the morning as well as the evening. When this is done on a regular basis then it will shrink the appearance of the nasty stretch marks or any other skin discoloration you might have.

camellia oil on white background

6. Turmeric for vibrant skin

Turmeric is a well-known spice from India but it is also effectively used for beauty purposes. In Indian weddings for example, the bride applies turmeric paste to her body and face then washing it off to have clear and vibrant skin. You can make a similar paste by mixing together yogurt, honey and a teaspoon of turmeric. The goal is to have pasty and thick consistency. After that apply it to your face for 15 minutes or so and wash it off. This should give your skin a beautiful glow and it is a great beauty hack to use regularly.

7. Coconut oil for smooth, healthy and shiny hair

Indian women really have lots of beauty tips and hacks up their sleeve and this is no exception. Indian women have used coconut oil as a natural hair conditioner for a long time. You really only need a tablespoon of coconut oil for this purpose. You simply heat up the coconut oil so it turns into a liquid and gently massage the oil onto your hair. It is important to reach both the roots of your hair, as well as the tips of your hair. Coconut oil improves circulation and it is also a fantastic moisturizer. Learn how to apply coconut oil to your hair

8. Aloe for glossy hair

Filipino women are well-known for their glossy and beautiful hair and they know some really great beauty hacks that help them achieve this. for example they break the aloe leaf to get to the aloe juice then rub the juice into their scalp and head. Aloe gel can also be used for this purpose by the way. Once you rinse out the juice, your hair should have a glossier look. Of course you can apply aloe juice on your skin as well due to its amazing moisturizing abilities.

9. Seaweed for beautiful curly locks

Japanese women and men are notorious for their silky, long and beautiful black hair. One of their secrets is found in their diet. Namely the higher intake of iodine in their diets. Seaweed is regularly used in traditional Japanese dishes and seaweed is a rich source of easily digestible iodine. You can of course get iodine from enriched salt but it is not as easy for the body to absorb. The next time you go to the grocery store pick up some quality seaweed and add it to your diet. Seaweed has lots of other health benefits as well.

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