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Men, is it Possible to Unleash Your True Penis Size?

True Penis Size

The medical community agrees on many functions, abilities, and facts about the Human Male Penis. One of those facts is that at least 30% of the human male’s penis is stuck inside of his body. A part of the penis, that for many men, will never contribute to his potential penis size.

What is the cause of this? A lot of it has to do with the ligaments of the penis themselves, and may have something to do with vestigial organs and what they may have been intended for in previous, non-evolutionary models of the human species.

To back up a bit, all other primates (monkeys and the like – Man’s closest genetic ancestors) create an erection via an actual piece of bone. This is called an “os penis.” Most mammals have the same type of bone to create an erection. However, the human male does not have such a bone. Instead, Man utilizes a complex system of blood flow to the penis to create an erection — Blood flow and blood pressure that is so intense that it makes the erect penis, literally, feel as if it has a bone inside of it.

Evolutionists believe that Man evolved from ape (a primate with a penis bone), the question remains as to what happened to Man’s penis bone? For some reason, if these scientists are correct, it faded away (because of some form of dis-use or unimportance) and is no longer part of our genetic make-up. However, remnants of such a bone and its mechanism for creating an erection may still exist. Just as biologists believe the human coccyx bone (tail bone) is the remnants of the “tails” that humans had at one time. Even though the tails no longer exist, the remains of the tail are said to still be with us in the tail bone. Interestingly enough, the remnants of this tail bone (coccyx) are still very important to the proper functioning of the pelvis.

Back to at least 30% of a man’s penis being “stuck” inside of his body… This is due to the ligaments that hold the penis in place and restrict its length upon erection. These ligaments actually restrict the penis from growing to greater lengths. And at least 30% of these ligaments are stuck inside of the body.

True Penis Size

The theory is that this extra 30% of your penile ligaments was once part of the penis bone and its mechanism of creating an erection. The idea is that upon the penis bone entering the penis, that this extra bit of ligamentous structure was somehow originally tied into this mechanism. With the loss of the penis bone, this extra bit of ligamentous length stayed inside of the body. Without the added mechanism and musculature necessary to extend the penis bone into the penis, this extra bit of ligamentous structure got left behind.

Strangely enough, in penis lengthening surgery, these very same ligaments (stuck inside the body) are cut so that they will become less restricted and free them up. After such surgery is done, the penis can now extend to greater lengths because these ligaments have been freed from the prison of your body.

So, apart from surgery, how is it possible to free up these ligaments and unleash your full penis-size potential?

Many men have taken it upon themselves to address these ligaments and do just that — Free them up and unleash them — Via natural penis exercising. Rather than use a scalpel to free these ligaments, the educated man is able to stretch and free these ligaments via stretching the penis and associated structures that shackle these ligaments. Exercises targeted to the correct regions and performed accurately can have the same effect as the surgical methods of releasing these ligaments — Without the side effects or danger of infection from surgery.

Unleashing the male penis is not a difficult thing to do. However, over-the-counter pills, patches, creams, and magnets don’t seem to have much effect. After all, it is a Mechanical Process that must be undertaken to release these ligaments… Logic simply reflects what is necessary to really release these ligaments.

True Penis Size

Natural penis exercises are one way to do it. Traction devices is another way. Special weights attached to the penis is another ancient way to release these ligaments. We have found that natural penis enlargement exercises are the safest and most efficient way to release the part of your penis that is being held prisoner inside of you.

Unleashing a man’s potential size is not only useful for helping him create a bigger penis, but it tends to also help him start living a larger life. Most men find that with an increased penis size that this typically increases his self-esteem and self-confidence.

Such natural exercises are well within any man’s reach. The book IRON MAN PENIS clearly spells out such simple methods for the novice and helps him down the path of more complex and exciting methods of unleashing his true size. Men who want a Larger Life now have the ability to Live it.

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