Can You Increase Penis Size With Simple Penis Exercises

Top Ways Of Increasing Penis Size Including Pros And Cons Of Each Method

Increasing Penis Size

You can’t help coming up short and stubby. While having a small penis wasn’t your choice, you can still do something about it. You no longer have to pretend that her face did not drop or her demeanor change once she saw your manhood. There are ways of increasing penis size so that you no longer have to be embarrassed or ashamed about coming up short. Here are some of the top penis enlargement techniques including the pros and cons of each technique.

Having a big penis is something that most men desire even when their penises are not on the small side. Many men simply want bigger than what they currently have so you are not alone and do not need to be ashamed if you are looking into various penis enlargement procedures.

The following are some techniques for penis enhancement that you may want to consider that may allow you to add length to your penis or add girth to your penis or both. Some may also help with erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, penis curvatures, etc, in addition to enlarging your penis.

Ways of Increasing Penis Size

1. Penis enlargement pills, lotions and patches

These are usually infused with various combinations of herbs that are believed to be able to increase the length of your manhood. Top penis enlargement herbs include maca, puamam, passionflower, horny goat weed, barberry, yohimbe, tribulus, etc.

Pros – Ease of use. You are promised that all you have to do is pop a pill, apply a cream or patch, sit back, relax and watch your penis grow bigger. Convenience is usually the main reason some men reach for penis enlargement pills, patches and creams whether they believe the claims or not.

Cons – This is an area of penis enlargement that is rampant with scams as you may have noticed with the many emails that go directly to your spam folder. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Increasing Penis Size

If you want to go this route, ensure that you research the ingredients and that you purchase them from a reputable source because some may even contain contaminants such as mold, yeast, pesticides, etc, as this is not a regulated field.

2. Penis enlargement surgery

This may be one of the most costly penis enlargement techniques available. It is usually performed by urologists and there are many techniques that can be used.

Some techniques involve cutting the suspensory ligament which connects the underside of the penis to the pubic bone, attaching a skin graft, detaching the underside of the penis from the skin of the scrotum (penoscrotal webbing release), etc.

Penis enlargement surgery usually seeks to release a portion of the penis that normally resides underneath the skin. Once this half an inch or so of the penis that is underneath the skin is added to the external penis, it gives the appearance of a larger penis.

Weights are usually required to be worn for several months after the surgery so that the part of the penis that was “pulled out” does not revert.

Pros – While it technically does not enlarge the penis since it simply “pulls out” part of the penis, it does give the appearance of a larger penis depending on how much of the penis was pulled out which will usually be unknown until the surgery.

Increasing Penis Size

Cons – Besides the expense, there are many cons with this procedure including bad scarring that may actually make your penis shorter that it was before the procedure.

Cutting through the suspensory ligament usually means that you will have less control of your penis during sexual intercourse. In addition, the upward angle of your erect penis will be lost as the penis will usually start to point downward when erect after the procedure.

Other risks include infections, bleeding, bruising, nerve injury, fibrosis, erectile dysfunction, etc.

3. Penis pumps

These come in various sizes and styles. The pump is usually fitted over the penis to create a vacuum around your penis.

Penis pumps by creating this vacuum help to create a difference in pressure that causes blood to rush to the penis to engorge it. This method is more commonly recommended for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED).

Pros – Can help you achieve and maintain an erection.

Cons – Although some men have noted an increase in length and girth, it is still unclear whether this method actually does anything to accomplish this.

Another con is that injury may occur in addition to the chance of penis pumps being misused. When the penis pump is used too vigorously, the change in pressure that occurs can be too much causing sensitive penile blood vessels or damaging the penile blood vessels. In addition, the results from using this method are usually only temporary.

4. Penile implants

These are technically not for penis enlargement but rather to eliminate erectile dysfunction although some of the implants can mimic a natural erection and can add length to an erect penis and not just help with facilitating an erection.

These implants that can mimic the natural action of an erection by adding length to the penis are usually more expensive than penile implants that only help facilitate an erection.

With penile implants, the corpora cavernosa which are the two chambers that run the length of the penis and are the areas that usually fill up with blood to enable an erection, are replaced with balloons. These balloons can be the exact size of your corpora cavernosa or can be larger. If larger, it can result in a larger and thicker erect penis when the balloons are inflated.

Increasing Penis Size

Penile implants are usually the last resort and not for men with normal penile function. Even for men with ED, this procedure is usually the last option when other methods fail.

Pros – Can improve sex life by helping you have an erection. May also add length to the erection depending on the implant used.

Cons – Infection and bleeding may occur from this surgical procedure. You may also be allergic to the implants, can suffer abnormal shape and curvature, there may be mechanical failure of the device, etc.

When the implant is not designed to add length to the penis, you will actually have an erection that is shorter than your normal erection.

5. Penis extenders

One of the most popular ways of increasing penis size is with the help of a penis extender or stretcher. Similar to the procedure used in orthopedic surgery, extenders enlarge the penis though the application of traction to the corpora cavernosa area of the penis. Constant traction or pressure to this area cause cells to break away and replicate.

The accumulation of these new cells that are created due to this traction allows the penis to hold more blood leading to harder erections, elimination or reduction of premature ejaculation as well as elimination of penis curvature while also lengthening the penis.

More blood in this area means the necessity of the corpora cavernosa becoming larger to accommodate this increased blood flow which means a possible increase in penis girth.

Pros – This is probably one of the best and safest penis enlargement techniques that you can use. Clinical studies have shown that penis extenders can add inches to a penis. They can also increase penis girth, eliminate curvature of the penis, premature ejaculation, ED, etc.

Cons – Results from this device take time and usually require a significant time commitment from you. The device may be required to be worn for 4 to 6 hours daily over a 6 month period.

Also, penis extenders are not created equal and you need to ensure that the device you use is supported by clinical studies, made with the right materials for comfort, comes with an extended guarantee, etc, to prevent you from wasting your time and money as well as to prevent injury to your penis.

6. Penis exercises

This is another of the natural ways of penis enlargement that consists of various exercises such as kegeling, jelqing, etc, to stretch and strengthen the penis. These exercises usually use a repetitive milking motion of the penis in order to increase blood flow to help engorge the penis.

Pros – Like the penis extender, these exercises can help eliminate premature ejaculation and ED in addition to increasing length and girth.

Cons – The time commitment may be significant and results may be temporary.

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